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What Knoks is all About

Mitigating trading risks. Setting a new benchmark. Clearing out the noise.

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Our VIsion

At Knoks we believe the future of modern economics will be achieved through the liberation of the stressful workers by utilizing technological opportunities.
As a first step towards furthering this goal we’re creating a contemporary, peer-reviewed knowledgebase of trading insights.
We aim to establish a new digital infoscape, which will make the rewarding new profession of Crypto Trader become more reliable and broadly accessible, promoting mass adoption.

Our Platform

Knoks is a financial information emporium for both Crypto Traders and financial analysts.
The analysts, called Knoksers, use Knoks to offer their insights and capitalize on their expertise. The traders use Knoks to get access to vetted and rated trading insights, from a competitive free-market of ideas and opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Knoks was built to provide an equalized information sharing network, powered by merit.
We provide a transparent ranking and auctioning platform for trading ideas.
Being transparently incentivized by success adds an accountability factor to the signal marketplace and creates a competitive environment for good insights.
We believe that this, coupled with a progressive pricing system and an open admission policy will form a strong community of traders and analysts, driven by mutual success.

Our Attitude

Finally, we are also big believers in fun!
We made sure Knoks is packed full of social features. With an immersive and gamified user experience, using our platform will not only be enriching with knowledge and profit, but with joy as well!