How does Knoks work?

Knoks uses input from analysts to offer pay-per-success trading insights

Analysts submit the insights and are the backbone of the Knoks platform.
Users sign in to the platform and choose from a number of insight categories.

In the core of our product stands the realization that free-market rules can be applied to financial information and trading insights, to root out the long-contempted unprofessionalism and charlatanism in the crypto trading space.

This is how we do it:

Insights from Knoksers are registered to the ethereum blockchain, and can be read by anyone.
This makes the Knokser ranks immutable and adheres to the “Don’t trust, verify” methodology.
Users purchase the insights and are charged only if the prediction was correct.
This creates a trustless competence hierarchy, and introduces the financial information market to the rules of supply and demand.

Knoks prices are determined by Knokser ranks, Trader reviews and various other components.
The ranking system does not allow underperforming analysts without track records to overprice their insights, by limiting the maximum price of every Knok to the Knokser’s rank.Knoks prices are determined only by the algorithm that aggregates the Knokser’s performance over time.

100 knoks | success rate 70%
70 knoks | success rate 65%
45 knoks | success rate 60%
25 knoks | success rate 55%
10 knoks | success rate 50%

We use myriad of technologies to power our product.
All of the stack’s components have been thoroughly tested to answer the market’s fast changing needs and ever-evolving nature.
This is another reason why Knoks is much more than what meets the eye.

More technical information is available in our whitepaper documentation.

We see Knoks as the dawn of a new financial reality.
One in which valuable information is not exempt from scrutiny just for being valuable,
And is accessible to anyone willing to participate.