Visionaries are people who saw Knoks’s financial potential and wanted to join as early as they could.

Here’s the potential these people saw in crypto

Total Users

Millions of new users have entered the ecosystem, but most remain passive. Total user accounts at service providers now exceed 139 million. At least 35M ID verified users.

Global Usage

Individuals constitute the largest share of the user base, primarily served by exchanges and multi-segment firms.

Speculation remains the major use case

Cryptocurrency-only exchanges are responsible on average for approximately three quarter of total spot market volumes.

Industry growth in 2018 appears to be primarily driven by traders:

Service providers currently serve at 35M ID-verified cryptocurrency users, and the industry is still undergoing rapid growth

*numbers are based on University of Cambridge "2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study 2018"

we believe

Crypto is here to stay.

Crypto’s challenges will be overcomed.

The Crypto community is growing stronger every day.

Trading Crypto will continue to provide new opportunities, for years to come.

These statistics are just drops in an ocean of opportunity.

We are looking at a brand new financial reality, and Knoks aims to be a lighthouse in these uncharted waters.

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