Meet Knoks

Meet Knoks

A holistic trading signals management platform and your best crypto trading companion.

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So Many currencies,
So little Time

There are more than 1900 digital coins being traded on daily basis, but how do you know which ones to invest in? How do you know who’s advise to trust? 

How can you objectively compare and verify analysts and signals and where can you find all that in a single place?

Save time, sAve MOney, Trade SMarter

Knoks introduces the crypto trading community with a first of it’s kind signals marketplace and a more organized, transparent and trustworthy working environment.

Science driven, blockchain validated, socially integrated,
results proven, rank reliant, gamified.


Smart Ranking

Rank analysts based on objective, empirical data and success rate​.


Pay Per success

Pay only if the signal information was correct!


Uses a system of requirements to ensure crypto signals quality.


Introduces notifications, allowing traders to respond instantaneously and make decisions faster and smarter.


Analysts are ranked both by the system and by the traders themselves.


All signal information is validated by integration with the Ethereum blockchain